Name: Kirby Johnson


Hometown: Key Largo, FL

Studio: Stars Dance Studio

Q:When did you start dancing? 

A:I started kind of late for a dancer! I started at the age of 11.

Q:What is your favorite style of dance?

A:My favorite style of dance is a tie between contemporary and lyrical.

Q:Who is your biggest dance inspiration?

A:My coaches Victor and Angel because they have so much artistry and knowledge about dance.

Q:Where do you see yourself five years from now?

A:A working actress or a background dancer in concerts!

Q:Why do you love to dance?

A:It lets me express how I am feeling without words.

Q:Which Tilt Dancewear design is your favorite?

A:I love all of the dance wear from Tilt but my favorites are the Lace Cami Top, the Lace Band Leggings, and the "Mardi Gras" pattern!

Q:What do you love most about Tilt Dancewear?

A:It is so comfortable and there is an outfit for any style dance class you are taking!


Photo Credit: Chris Reilly

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